Invented in 2005 by Allan Adler as an economical, simple and portable method of preparing coffee. Upon its release it took the coffee world by storm as one of the ways to make some of the best coffee you can drink and encouraged baristas and coffee lovers to come up with many different techniques and methods in using their Aeropress with varied and interesting results.

Definitely recommended to beginners as a first purchase and experts as well!

What you need...

Bean to cup time

Any Questions.... Ask our experts...

  • AeroPress

  • AeroPress Filters

  • AeroPress funnel (Optional - but helps)

  • Kettle

  • Thermometer (Optional)

  • Grinder (Or pre-ground Coffee - not recommended)

  • Digital Scale (Optional)

  • Timer (Your watch or mobile phone will be fine)

  • Stirring tool (a spoon maybe?)

  • Coffee cup or other vessel

  • 2:00-2:30